AWS EC2 Sizing Recommendation Failure
Incident Report for CloudWisdom
During the week of May 10 to May 16, our AWS EC2 sizing recommendation analysis showed inflated savings potential for most tenants. The cause of this error was a scheduled job failure which upon re-running, double counted the instance-hours during that interval. During the period of April 26th through May 17th we also failed to send out daily report emails. We have since remedied the issues and replaced the erroneous reports with corrected ones. We apologize for the confusion and for the inconvenience, as we know that you rely on our information to make important financial decisions. 

To prevent the occurrence of this failure mode in the future, we are migrating our AWS EC2 recommendation engine to our next-generation recommendation engine platform. We launched our next-generation platform to host our Azure VM right-sizing recommendation engine during the last calendar quarter and we have been testing it for the last few months in collaboration with a few of our customers who have agreed to be early adopters. The results have exceeded our original goals. The migration of AWS EC2 recommendation engine to our next-generation platform will be completed during the next calendar quarter.
Posted May 16, 2020 - 00:00 EDT